About us

We are Oceanfoil®, the maritime technology company pioneering proven aerofoil technology for the global commercial fleet.

Our technology is a propulsion-assist aerofoil sail, or “wingsail”, the original version of which demonstrated potential savings of up to 10% in sea trials in 1986/7. Oceanfoil®’s improved design and engineering has shown potential reductions in fuel consumption of up to 20% in Computational Fluid Dynamics testing.

Our in-house expertise is combined with expert partners that enable us to deliver world leading propulsion-assist aerofoil technology that can support a new era of wind power within the shipping industry.

Partnership Strategy

We work in partnership with UK based Naval Architecture firm, Owen Clarke Design LLP, whose experience with design and engineering of vessels including sail-powered racing yachts gives them significant expertise in the area of engineering superior performance from wingsail technology.

To fully understand the savings potential of Oceanfoil®’s wingsail upon a broad range of vessel types, down to specific individual vessels, we partner with the UCL Energy Institute to develop software to calculate fuel savings from a given data set.


Experts in Low Carbon Shipping research and reducing energy consumption in transport, UCL Energy Institute have the in-depth database on ships’ fuel consumption and on weather patterns to assist us in calculating wind directions and strength to help us accurately communicate the benefits of using Oceanfoil® wingsails.

Oceanfoil® is committed to delivering the best possible fuel savings from wingsail technology and as such we are in a continuous R&D process to refine and improve the propulsion assist that our wingsails can offer.

Please email Charles Moray if you would like to discuss working with us.