Shipping is facing many challenges; rising fuel prices, pressure from charterers and the wider supply chain and substantial new environmental legislation. By improving fuel efficiency, ship owners and operators can boost their daily operations alongside their environmental credentials. The shipping industry today is facing significant new regulation, specifically aimed at reducing harmful emissions.

Oceanfoil®’s wingsail technology can address this challenge, as well as deliver tangible efficiencies for ship owners.

Key benefits for shipowners:

  1. Deliver double digit fuel savings for owners and operators.
  2. Allow vessels to operate at the required speed with reduced engine propulsion.
  3. Reduced maintenance costs due to lesser load on the engine.
  4. Switch to more expensive distillate fuels in ECAs, offset by the use of technology.
  5. Complementary to other efficiency measures and technologies including slow steaming, hull coatings and weather routing optimisation.