Robert Vincent

Design Consultant

Robert Vincent is a technical designer, specialising in the computer-aided design and drafting of marine technologies and naval architecture. Robert Vincent has extensive experience in the design and modelling of aerofoil technology for the marine sector as well as smaller vessels powered solely by the technology. He has been closely involved in the progressive refinement of aerofoil designs throughout a career spanning thirty years.

Making use of computational modelling techniques, and adapting the designs to modern, composite materials and production processes, Robert is instrumental to fully realising the value of this technology to the transport fleet.



Oceanfoil®’s fuel-assist aerofoil technology uses wingsails to capture effective directional thrust from wind power. Automatically controlled from a computer installed on the bridge and not requiring any crew resource, wingsails are a proven technology. Oceanfoil®’s revised and improved design of wingsails will be available for retrofitting from the beginning of…

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In an industry that is demanding cost-cutting measures with attractive payback periods from proven technologies, Oceanfoil®’s double-digit savings potential is a promising investment opportunity for ship owners and private capital alike. Oceanfoil® brings together the engineering, naval architecture and funding expertise to develop and exploit the commercial potential of aerofoil…

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Shipping is facing many challenges; rising fuel prices, pressure from charterers and the wider supply chain and substantial new environmental legislation. By improving fuel efficiency, ship owners and operators can boost their daily operations alongside their environmental credentials. The shipping industry today is facing significant new regulation, specifically aimed at…

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BMT Report: Oceanfoil Aerofoil Technology achieves average 14% fuel and emissions savings

05th December 2017

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UK Intellectual Property Office confirm two patents

05th August 2015

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