Aerofoil technology is alive and well

13th December 2013

Are we heading back to the future? Aerofoil sail trials on a large bulk carrier have shown significant fuel savings are possible.

The advent of 0.1% Sulphur Emission Control Areas (ECAs) from 2015 and the ensuing switch to costlier distillate fuels with lower sulphur content will only add to fuel cost concerns for owners and operators. The cost challenges posed by ECA’s will increase in Europe by 2020 when the EU will introduce a Europe-wide ECA and globally, through the IMO, by either 2020 or 2025.

Moreover, demonstrating these marked savings comes with further requirements too. The IMO’s ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP) entered into force in January 2013, mandating that shipowners and operators provide a clear performance benchmark of their vessels to provide transparency around vessel savings, while the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) is mandatory for new vessels.

Part of this article has been published with the kind permission from Tanker Operator.

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Oceanfoil®’s fuel-assist aerofoil technology uses wingsails to capture effective directional thrust from wind power. Automatically controlled from a computer installed on the bridge and not requiring any crew resource, wingsails are a proven technology. Oceanfoil®’s revised and improved design of wingsails will be available for retrofitting from the beginning of…

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In an industry that is demanding cost-cutting measures with attractive payback periods from proven technologies, Oceanfoil®’s double-digit savings potential is a promising investment opportunity for ship owners and private capital alike. Oceanfoil® brings together the engineering, naval architecture and funding expertise to develop and exploit the commercial potential of aerofoil…

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Shipping is facing many challenges; rising fuel prices, pressure from charterers and the wider supply chain and substantial new environmental legislation. By improving fuel efficiency, ship owners and operators can boost their daily operations alongside their environmental credentials. The shipping industry today is facing significant new regulation, specifically aimed at…

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